Insurance We Offer


Charter Boat/Crewed Yacht Insurance

The CharterBiz insurance plan covers your boat or yacht, its equipment and gear, plus liability worldwide. We know and understand the business and its unique needs. Get a quote now.

Rental Insurance

If you rent Jet Skis or Bareboats, we can insure you for Liability, Physical Damages, and more.
If you are insuring a single rental boat CLICK HERE
If you are insuring more than one rental boat CLICK HERE
If you are insuring one or more Jet Skis CLICK HERE

Store or Shoreside Operations Insurance

If you operate a store, shop or kiosk, you probably need to cover stock or equipment and cover yourself for liability. Your vessel liability only covers events that occur on the boat and provides no shoreside coverage. Ask us about CharterBiz Ashore if you have a shoreside operation too.
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Delivery Insurance

Delivery captains and crew have special requirements and CharterBiz Delivers can cover those special needs such as short term crew coverage and deductible coverage if you make a claim on the owner’s insurance. Request more information.

Demise Charters/Charters Liability Insurance Packages

Boat owners and Charter Operators regularly are asked to charter their boat to a Third Party. The charter requires a Captain and sometimes crew to operate the vessel whilst the charter party enjoy the voyage. Many times, this is used to allow more passengers aboard than would be permitted if a standard captain/crewed yacht charter was contracted. CharterBiz can provide the specialized coverage and guidance on the proper procedures to insure the boat and the voyage. Request more information.

Medical Expense/Health insurance

Usually underwritten by Lloyds of London, the medical/health plan is offered to full-time and part time owners, partners and employees including captain and crew for accident and/or sickness 24 hours a day. Lloyds is universally accepted as A-rated security so you do not have to deal with an obscure insurer. The CharterBiz Medical/Health plan claims department operates 24 hours a day, year-round, in English and most foreign languages so you do not have to wait for important treatment, advice or authorization. Click here to continue (provided by Offshore Risk Management).

YachtHaul Expense Reimbursement

CharterBiz can reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses to haul your boat if a storm or Hurricane is approaching. This important and inexpensive coverage can make the difference between survival of your boat, or financial ruin.
Click here to follow the YachtHaul link (provided by Offshore Risk Management).

Lifeline Expense Reimbursement

CharterBiz can reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by other insurance, such as towing, emergency accommodation and airfare, running out of fuel or getting a jump start. Click here to follow the LifeLine link (provided by Offshore Risk Management).